John Carpenter’s The Thing

I really enjoyed this one. I loved the special effects, thought Mac was badass and I think this totally deserves its reputation as a great horror film- this coming from someone who is not normally a body horror fan (I’m more of a psych-ghost story girl, myself).

The story goes like this: we see the American winter camp in Antarctica where something strange is going on. Someone fromthe nearby Norwegian camp tried to shoot a dog and when the americans go to investigate they find that everyone in the camp has mysteriously died. At the American camp they have taken in the (still alive dog) which turns out to be an alien… Chaos ensues.

The animatronics were fantastic- while CGI is a great tool for films, I think these were better than a lot of the CGI used in today’s films. The acting was also really good. Even though the film was developng doomed characters you at least were hoping they’d survive somehow (while knowing they wouldn’t) unlike a lot of modern horror where you hate the characters- if you can even call them that (yes Eli Roth, I am looking you).

I will admit though, for me there were a couple of flaws:

1. I’m going to have to assume that Mac’s beard is some kind of Super Beard as he kept going outside in the Antarctic winter wearing surprising little (a leather jacket and a hat). Later on he does start to dress more believably though.

2. Why did they let the dog wander around the camp for a whole day? Did they think that the Norwegians were just trying to kill it for the lulz?

So, overall, I really reccomend this one.


One thought on “John Carpenter’s The Thing

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