Alice, Sweet Alice

I think this is a film that deserves to be a bit more well known. It’s a murder mystery with a couple of very well done jump scares that also explores how one girl has been moulded by her family and, to an extent, ostracized from certain things because of it.

The film starts by showing us two sisters: Karen, the younger, and Alice, the elder. Karen is clearly favoured by her parents and those around her, while Alice is jealous and (understandably, considering the extent of the favouritism) withdrawn. Karen is about to receive her first communion when she is murdered and the rest of the film follows the  investigation of the murder which Alice- obviously- becomes a suspect.

While watching Alice, Sweet Alice I was very struck by the various  reasons (and there are many) for why Alice was so often ignored. If you’re of a psychological bent you may like watching simply to understand more about Alice herself. I was watching this with a friend who’s currently doing psychology and she thought that side of the film was pretty well done (though it invokes adults are useless all the time…)
How scary is it? Not massively. There are 2 scenes that, I will admit, did make me jump and they were very good. The first is the one bravo suggests as the scary movie moment, but personally I thought the second was scarier (it’s where Alice’s father is climbing up those stairs and the murderer attacks him). The film didn’t rely on jump scares- after all, it isn’t really horror. Instead it’s main focus is the relationships between the characters and the titular Alice. Though that mask and yellow raincoat combo is creepy. I reccommend Alice, Sweet Alice- if you enjoy a slasher film, you’ll probably like this one even though it doesn’t follow the normal slasher formula.


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