The Evil Dead

Er… what the fuck did I just watch? No, seriously. It’s like someone went “Ok, we need to make the ultimate horror film. Here’s our checklist: gore, some kind of rape, creepy isolated cabin, ancient artefact of doom, possession, creepy eyes/make up/voices and general insanity. Oh, and dismemberment. We can’t leave that one out.” then they went off and made it.

Actually, that probably is how it got made.

Don’tget me wrong, I can really see why it’s a classic. There’s something wonderful about it, even if I was sitting there going “wtf?” during the tree rape scene and when that girl was shrieking in the cellar.

Anyway, I think this is probably the film that perfected the cabin in the woods formula. A group of friends accidentally raise the dead and then have to kill each other off in increasingly violent ways when they get possessed. Plus there’s a chainsaw.

There’s a heck of a lot of gore and yet it’s somehow not torture porn. It’s like the effects people went “wahooo! Bring on the fake blood!!” (actually, that probably is what happened…) It just joyously sprays blood and whatever else all over the place.

Do I like it? No, not really. A few bits did genuinely creep me out,  like when Linda was singing “We’re gonna get you…” and I can definitely see why some people do like it. As films with dismemberment, rape and gore go it is a fun one to watch and it doesn’t assault you with how horrible the characters are. It’s worth a watch but if you don’t like gore then don’t bother.



This film has since grown on me and it is now a favourite. I did see the remake/new sequel in the cinema and had a blast. No it’s not as good as the original but I thought it was pretty decent as an entry into the series. Pkus the imaginative use of duct tape was great.


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