Near Dark

Pre Twilight                             Post Twilight

This is another one for my favourite films list. I can definitely see why it has becme a cult classic, I loved the way they showed vampires- dirty, amoral, not giving a crap about what they do. That’s one of the reasons the Twilight style cover for the re-release is so laughable. What are Twihards going to think of these vampires? Hell, the word ‘vampire’ is never even mentioned in the entire film. Plus the old cover is just cooler.

The story follows Caleb, a guy who meets and falls for a girl called Mae who happens to be a vamp and bites him. He starts to change, falls in with Mae’s family of vampires and gradually starts to become seduced by their lifestyle.

I think one of the reasons I like it so much is the way it shows us vampires. Now, this is coming from someone who actuallly watches/enjoys the Vampire Diaries (Damon is kinda badass…) but they’re so much more believable and all round awesome this way. They are shown to be completely outcast from society and they embrace it. They could never do otherwise- they burn up pretty spectacularly in sunlight.

The standout scene from this film is the one Bravo chose as its scariest: Caleb is with Severen (one of the other vampires) in a bar and Severen is trying to goad him into killing a human. They torment the people at the bar and it is unnerving seeing just how much they enjoy it and how much I was just thinking at Caleb “Oh, fuck it. Just go and join in!”

Some of the imagery in the film is really beautiful, too. There’s one scene just after Mae turns Caleb where he drinks her blood and they are surrounded by oil wells in the desert. It’s strangely haunting.

All in all I really reccommend this one. It’s fun to watch and if you’re sick of vampires that try to fit in with human society that you’ll find it a welcome relief.

Plus Severen is hilarious. In a psychotic serial killer kind of way.



I’m not entirely sure whether or not I liked this one. It’s not like The Thing where I straight up loved it, it’s not like Signs where I’m seriously meh about it. It just… is.

It has a pretty good plot, actually. Puzzle box summons demons that torture whoever summons them, guy summons demons (he wants to experience the torture for some bizarre masochistic reason) then somehow his brother’s blood resurrects him from Hell (makes some sense in context) except he isn’t quite whole yet. So, he enlists his old lover who is his brother’s wife to help him kill people so that he can use them to stop being a bloody mass of gory bits. Oh, and the guy’s neice finds him then finds the box then accidentally summons demons then has to find her uncle then more stuff happens.  Trust me: it is much better than my synopsis.

I guess I found it enjoyable to watch. It wasn’t as hard work as Signs was and I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable like I was throughout Audition. I think it’s one of those films that I’ll watch if it’s on TV, but I won’t go out of my way to watch it again.

So what did I like?

I liked the neice, Kirsty. And Pinhead- I would have loved to see more of him (I have a bad feeling that there’s lots of terrible BDSM fanfiction involving him out there…). The effects are pretty good, too. The creepy uncle looks really gross when he first resurrects and he continues to be creepy throughout the film (especially when he meets Kirsty).

So do I reccommend it? Yes. It is pretty much Masochism: The Movie! but, hey if you’re into that you’ll appreaciate that side to it. If you’re looking for a horror film that’s a bit different then it’s good too; the themes of pleasure and pain mixed in with everything make it an intersting one to watch.