Nightmare on Elm Street

Ah, Freddy Kreuger: a good contender for the title of ultimate horror villain.freddy_krueger

Even before I had heard of the film I could recognise his glove.

The story for this film is great. Teenagers keep dying in their sleep- turns out they’re being haunted by a dead guy (explicitly said to be a murderer, hinted to be a child molester) who is slashing them to bits. The only way to beat him is to stay awake and, as the film shows us, that is more easily said than done…

The effects are pretty good. I’m on the team of practical over CGI and these beat CGI hands down. Like when Freddy seems to come through the wall- that was pretty creepy (creepier and scarier than when Tina gets slashed up in her sleep. Sorry Bravo, I’m disagreeing with you again).

I thought that the part where Nancy was fighting Freddy was kinda cheesy, though. It’s a bit difficult to take a supposedly scary film seriously if it seems to have turned into Home Alone (I would take Nancy over that kid anytime, however). That’s my biggest complaint about this one- the rest of it’s solid. The ending’s good, the tone is consistent. Rob Englund is fantastic as Freddy.

For me this was a fun horror film rather than a genuinely frightening one, but then again I only seem to get scared by a very specific genre of horror films (damn you Japan!). I do honestly reccommend it, though, for a goofy night in. If you get sacred then great, if you don’t you’re still gonna have a good time.